Picture it: the unsightly pallor, spiders emerging from her ratty beehive, bandaged after compulsively self-mutilating, wearing a ratty hospital gown and dirty ballet slippers. The most frightening thing about this doodle is that she's not even dressed for Halloween. Things aren't looking good for Ms. Winehouse at the moment. Someone please get this downward spiraling chanteuse an intervention already. She's beginning to make Britney look well adjusted in comparison which is never a good sign.

Doodle Whore wants to know what YOU think, dear reader. Did this doodle make you smile or cringe? I did both.


  1. Anonymous // October 26, 2007 at 5:22 PM

    Poor Amy... At least the bats are concerned about her welfare.

  2. Anonymous // October 26, 2007 at 5:23 PM

    You made her look too pretty!

  3. Mr. Picklefeather // October 26, 2007 at 5:25 PM

    I sminged (a simultaneous smile/cringe)

  4. Jay Are // October 26, 2007 at 6:23 PM

    How "Night of the Living Dead". Your most realistic doodle yet. Brava Ms Winehouse

  5. Sabina England, Playwright // October 31, 2007 at 12:46 AM

    love it, you nailed this one!