Anyone who knows me at all has witnessed my devotion to both Madonna and Morrissey with equal fervor and adoration. It may seem like an odd combination, but hear me out.

Picture it. 1984. I hear How Soon is Now on the radio and it blows my mind. Two years later I'm lucky enough to see The Smiths live on their Queen is Dead tour when they performed at the Fox Theater in Detroit. Until that evening, I'd never experienced the spectacle of legions of men, women, and children storming the stage to hug the lead singer of a band. A year later they broke up, and I've seen solo Moz countless times ever since, my favorite being his stellar performance at Radio City Music Hall a few years back. As for Madonna, I liked her right from the start with her surreal new wave video for Burning Up. But it wasn't until she short-circuited my teenaged brain by writhing her way through Like a Virgin during the first MTV Music Video Awards that I was pretty much hooked. I've seen every tour from Blond Ambition right up to Sticky and Sweet last fall.

Anyway, I never imagined there was an intersection of both of my obsessions (anywhere other than in my own imagination) until the legendary Johnny Marr recently confirmed it. Watch him tell the tale of how Madge opened for The Smiths on New Years Eve 1983 at the Danceteria. Who would have thunk it? With that charmingly bizarre revelation let me wish everybody a Happy New Year!

How Soon Is Now:

Burning Up:


  1. Anonymous // January 3, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    Ah, Madge and Mor. The alpha and the omega. The gay and the straight. The celibate and the "hellloooo, Sailor!" Insipid pop vamp and moody pop intellect. The voracious Madge yin and timid Mor yang welded together in an endless cycle of .... uh.... where was I? Right. In the next episode of "Doodle Whore Remembers: Goddammit, Where'd You Put My Fishnets!?" -- The Many Moods....uh....the Only Mood ... of Dave Gahan.

  2. Anonymous // January 5, 2009 at 11:07 AM

    I really thought I was the only one who loved Moz and Madge equally. You captured her youthful sluttiness and his disgust exquisitely. Duet! Duet!