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In honor of Madonna's birfday month (she's turning 51, her cheeks are turning 2, and her arms are about 95), I've joined forces with JOE to Hell and The Lisp to honor her appropriately. I'm providing the MaDoodles and they're compiling the ultimate mix tape of unreleased demos and rarities, fan faves, tour studio sessions and amazing unofficial remixes like you've never seen before in one spot. Download The Madonna Vaginalogues part 1 and The Madonna Vaginalogues part 2 today and get into the groove already.

Also, Madonna's got a new single out: Celebration. I give it a 7 out of 10 Gaultier cone tits. Major points off for rhyming "hesitation" and "celebration". LAZY MADONNA. At least it doesn't have "waiting" and "hesitating" "anticipating" and clock sounds in it. I don't like the tacky Oakenfold synths in the single version either. Other than that, it's a joyous, clubby, return to the old fun Madonna of yore with the spoken word-laugh bridge and a "transcendence on the dance floor theme". I like the Benny Benassi Radio Remix over at Hardcandy Music way better cuz it strips out that 90's circuit party sound and has a big fat drum beat that will make you cream your panties.

MaDonna Summer The Gentlemen Thieves have mashed up Madonna and Donna Summer to perfection. The song titles alone get a big gold star from me: I Feel Like a Virgin, What It Feels Like for A Bad Girl, and my fave, Frozen Stuff. Brilliant!


  1. The Pansy Bastard™ // August 6, 2009 at 9:33 AM

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    I shall throw rose petals at your feet while you walk. Just don't go for any long walks.